The Herd Brand Blogger

Holy cow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I actually sat down and wrote a blog post for this blog of mine.


It is crazy how quickly a person can lose their muse, and trying to find something to write about of any interest to anyone else has been a huge struggle for me this year.

This year has been an insane whirlwind. A super dry, hot summer yielded poor crops and wildfires galore in our beautiful state. We ended up with a fire in our own backyard (if you consider with in 30 miles from home your backyard… yep, that’s Montana for ya!), which took a toll on all of our sanity in August and September. School started in the middle of it all, and ya know, I still can’t get in a good routine yet! Between keeping up with my trucker hubby, kids school, shipping calves and working cattle, 4-H, and my real job, it has been a little nuts around here!

Anyways, I connected with The Herd Brand on Instagram this summer  ( because I am “Hopelessly Addicted to Instagram” :)). It was cool to see how ranchers back east raise cattle, because it is fascinating to me how we can all do the same basic thing so incredibly differently. When they began searching for bloggers, I jumped at the opportunity to connect with others in the cattle industry, and in hopes of finding my lost words. Give Callie’s page a look, a “Like”, and some love. This young lady is ambitious and I am excited to be part of her business.

You can read my first article here. Thanks for all your continued support! !    ~Richelle


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