Cows are Jerks, too…

Having to truck cattle to leased property is always an adventure… Even more so when pairs have to be cut from the herd before being loaded on the truck. It seems like  working cattle rarely goes as planned, but there are always lessons to be learned:

 1. Be in a hurry. The cows will sense this, and allow you to spend more time in the saddle. 

2. Find a nice, quiet pair and cut them from the herd. Watch the calf split from his mom, run 100 mph the other direction, and cuss at mom while she stands there pretending to be invisible. 

3. The gate the cow has gone through no less than 500 times will suddenly disappear like it never existed.

 4. There will always be extra calves in the way, and never the calf you need or want.

 5. Cursing explicit profanities does not make the cows cooperate, but it does help lower your blood pressure!

I might like cows, and I am grateful for the opportunity to raise them with my family, bit sometimes cows are real jerks.

See ya in the corrals! – Richelle


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