The Reset Button

Peace and quiet. That rare, fleeting moment that never lasts long enough.


The silence this morning is only interrupted by the sound of chirping Meadowlarks and other songbirds; punctuated with the sound of a spooked rooster pheasant calling to his brood as he takes off for shelter from some unseen predator.

Life, moving to the cadence of the bullfrogs. This is what living is all about.

Upon opening the windows of our stuffy little farm house, I am greeted by a cool breath of air and the scent of fresh, unadulterated nature. It hits me like perfume; transporting me back to mornings better spent in the saddle. My heart jumps just a little at the thought of playing hooky. I hesitate for just a minute, and decide to step out on the front step and take it all in. Fresh, damp, and perfect. And just as quickly as time had seemingly froze, I hear the clock ticking, reminding me of all the responsibilities of the real world.

I sit here now, over my breakfast, reflecting on the past and say a simple prayer for this day. May I be able to carry some peaceful serenity with me today; may it give me somewhere to go when the fury and craziness of life gets to be too much. May it keep me calm and sane. I thank the good Lord for mornings like this, because they don’t happen nearly enough. Because I am blessed to be able to enjoy them. And because peace and quiet is much too fleeting, and I need all the serenity I can get.

I hope you are able to find somewhere today where you can enjoy nature and reset your soul.

Much love ~ Richelle


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