New Year, Same Me

It seems like 2016 was a year that most people couldn’t leave in the dust fast enough. I have to admit that for anyone in agriculture, it certainly wasn’t the year we all hoped for- crappy grain markets, calf prices that I am pretty sure we still haven’t seen the bottom of, and bizarre weather has plagued both the farming and ranching communities all around this great country.


Another reason to be thankful for kids: They keep us laughing even when there isn’t much to laugh at.

Lots of sad things happened in America last year- people seemed to forget how to respect law and order; somehow the color of someones skin and what gender they chose to be became more important than the values average Americans have been raised with. People in the Mid-West were demonized for making their voices heard at the polls; the government tried to throw its weight around to appease environmentalists at the expense of people actually trying to make a living; and somehow, any woman that didn’t vote for Hillary was considered dang near barbaric.  Broadband internet became a necessity in the eyes of the Federal Government, and thanks to the “Affordable Health Care Act”, millions of people watched their insurance premiums jump through the roof. In a year where we lost some classic public figures- Merle Haggard, Nancy Reagan, Florence Henderson- and thousands of every day people that left our hearts with empty spaces that will never be filled, it is easy to dwell on all the shitty things that forced us to wish another year away.


Life gets crazy, ugly, and messy. Remember to find the beauty in all that living you are still doing!

Here’s the but… But why? Why let the past keep you down? 2016 treated us pretty well, all things considered. My husband and I celebrated our honeymoon & 10-year wedding anniversary all at the same time in Hawaii, and it was freaking awesome.


Other than the plane ride, Oahu was freaking awesome. 

We celebrated when our oldest daughter passed her food allergy tests in May, and when a road trip to Denver delivered us with a better way to treat her eczema in June.


I would travel to the end of the world for that smile. 

Our trucking business is doing well, and as if I didn’t have enough else to do, I started my own cake business. It is slowly becoming my passion. We joined a new church, and are looking forward to watching our girls grow up knowing how important God really is. We sold our calves for more than we could have expected, and they weighed up well. Our cattle bred back well too. We survived a house full of people at Christmas, and managed to stay up to see the clock strike midnight on New Year’s Eve… so considering all the things that could have turned out worse, I’d say we weathered the storms of the year better than others we know.


I love the man that drives this rig. Always have, always will.

  I don’t subscribe to all that “New Year, New Me” BS… mostly because I literally have {ZERO} self control, I am already my own worst critic, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want to give up the last 30 years of experiences, mistakes, and opportunities I have had just to be someone that Pinterest makes me think I should be. But, I do think the New Year is always another chance to start fresh- a brand new day on steroids 😉  A new sunrise, the start of another 365 page chapter in your crazy book of life.


My main goal in ’17: See more sunrises and sunsets. Get outside. Just learn to be still!

Instead of making ridiculous goals and resolutions (I say this as I jam out to music that is too loud,  drinking my favorite wine, and  wishing my dogs could do laundry), I have decided to just roll with it. I do have some goals I am excited for myself- little things, like weaning myself off of Dr. Pepper and journaling a little bit each day- and actually using my new planner to stay organized- I am not going to beat myself up when I miss a day. I already know there will be too many days when I spend too much time on Instagram, and too little time cleaning house. I plan to spend more time being with my kids, listening to my husband,  and trying to enjoy my “day job” instead of allowing it to continue to kill my soul. I hope to make lots of beautiful cakes, and share more of my journey down the winding  gravel roads of ranching and motherhood. I am looking forward to this new year with my heart wide open. And I can’t wait to see and meet you along the way!

Until next time~~ Richelle



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