What do Cows and Cupcakes have in Common?

Had anyone told me, even a year ago, that I would own and operate a cake business, I probably would have told them they were crazy.

But the truth is, that is exactly what finally happened this year. Isn’t that just how dreams work? One day you wake up with a brilliant idea, and it lights a fire in your heart, and you know you just have to try it?

I am sure some of you wonder what the heck possessed me to start this little cake business. To be honest, I am not 100% sure what the exact reason was, besides the fact that I felt I needed a reason to bake cakes all the time. Lord knows my kids and husband were probably starting to get a little burned out on frosting and mini-cupcakes!


Baking has long been a stress reliever for me- and especially once I had kids and couldn’t get out to the barn as much as I used to. I love to feed people, and love to make yummy treats for the people I love. Several You-Tube videos, a few botched recipes , and several tedious hours filing for a license later, I am proud to say that Prairie Crocus Cakery is picking up steam. It is so fun to try new designs, to try new techniques, and mostly, see people enjoy a sweet little treat!


And by the way- what do cows and cupcakes have in common? I guess the answer is me: I love them both!!

Much love, Richelle



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