2017 Calendars

Hello again, friends!

Sorry for the disappearance of posts from me lately… Ya ever been in a funk where ya just can’t get with it? Well, I’ve sort of been suffering from a writer’s funk as of late, and have had a hard time finding a muse. But, it is time to get back in the saddle, so I promise to do my best to share more about this crazy life of mine with you all!

Among other things, I have put together a calendar for 2017. It is full of some of my favorite photos from 2016- ranching, landscapes, cattle, and even horses. I thought I would share a little about some of the photos, without giving away too much- after all, I hope to entice you all to purchase one for yourself, or for someone you love that loves Montana!


This is one of my favorite pictures, ever. This picture was taken last winter, as we brought home cows from one of our leased properties before we started calving. The kids and I rode in the Ranger while Shane drove us, bringing up the rear. It was a beautiful day.



It is rare that a get a good picture of these three hooligans together. There is always one trying to eat my camera, one biting the other two, and one trying to run the other way. This night was especially calm, and so were these crazy ranch horses.


I truly believe life is what happens between the rainbows, and the rain (I am channeling my favorite singer of all time, Chris LeDoux here, in case you weren’t aware). It has occurred to me how we choose to keep ourselves so “busy”, all the time- and I am trying to force myself to get out of that habit and just learn to stop and watch for the rainbows. They are all too fleeting- so ya gotta stop and enjoy them while they last!


We have had the most ridiculous hay crop here in 2016. We had a hundred-acre field that we planted to millet this year, and it was the most bizarre crop. It was the most unreal shade of green I have ever seen, and riding in the swather with the kids and my husband while cutting it was definitely a summer highlight. I am a sucker for black and white photos, and this was one of my favorites.

While I certainly don’t expect all you to go buy a calendar, it sure would be cool if you wanted to stop by and check them out. You can order them here. I have a limited number of calendars left, and would be honored if you shared them with friends or family, or even found a place on your own wall for one to hang!

From my heart to yours,



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