On Your First Day of School…

Sweet girl, I don’t know where five years have gone. In the blink of an eye, you have gone from my first baby, to my first Kindergartener. And I am so proud of the little lady you are becoming, even if it makes me a blubbery mess whenever I think about how fast you are growing up. 

You are going to do awesome at school. And I know this because you already rocked Pre-K. You are the kindest little girl, and while I know you can be stubborn and ornery, I also know you will always try to do the best you can. You are smart and funny, and you have a huge cheering section – never forget mom, dad, and sis love you very, very much.
School won’t always be easy. There will be hard subjects, bad teachers, nasty peers, and lost games. I worry that you will be hard on yourself, and that I haven’t prepared you for “real life”. But it doesn’t matter – because you will make new friends, have teachers that love you along the way, and all the experiences you have will shape you into an even more wonderful person. Just try your best, be kind, have fun, and everything will be okay! 

Forgive your mom for all her tears. 😊 My days of constant worry mixed with pride in your independence have just begun. I am going to try to let go, to let you bloom, to let you grow and develop into a young lady. Just know I am always here when you need a hug, I will keep rocking you to sleep as long as you let me, and I will always be your biggest fan. Good luck my sweet girl. I loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, and I always will!


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