The Little Mare that Will

Lucy b&w

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I worry that I am not going to know what to do
Where to start
or how to begin

I worry that you won’t like me
that you will see through me
and take advantage of me

I worry that I won’t be patient enough
That I won’t be disciplined enough
That I won’t devote enough time to you

I know there is so much you will teach me
Much more than I can teach you
I know that you will put me in my place, and remind me to be humble

I know that I will be sore
That I will curse your name
Yet go to bed at night, dreaming about riding you

I know that you and I are going to fight
I also know that you and I are going to be a team
Your gentle eyes remind me that I can do this, and you can too

Little filly, I look forward to learning from you
To finding myself again; in the feel of your muscles, the scent of your hide, and
The grace in your beauty

I look to you for guidance, for although you might be young and small,
you are mighty and full of leadership
I need that in my life right now

Even though I worry that I will mess everything up
and am afraid that I am more than a little rusty when it comes to breaking colts
I know that you will teach me- if I just listen- and you will show me what to do

Because that is why you are here
why God made our paths come together
I need you and you need me, Lucy

I will lead you, trust you, and guide you as best as I can
You will lead me, trust me, and guide me as best as you can
and we will become one; a girl and her horse; a rider and her steed
And we will love the journey together.


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