Beef- That’s What’s for Dinner

It feels sacrilegious to admit this, both as a beef producer, and a meat eater, but here goes: I don’t like hamburgers. When we go out for supper at a restaurant, I rarely order beef.  And the worst confession of them all:  if I had to choose between a T-Bone steak or seafood, I would choose the seafood every time.

I know all my fellow beef producers cringe when they hear things like that- we work so hard to provide a high quality, tasty product, and we can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to eat it. Let me explain.

The reason’s why really have less to do with how much I love beef, and more to do with life experiences. I was never a big fan of burgers; growing up that was my parents go to for dinner (and supper) at least a couple times a week. Of course they were always “well- done”, because until I was in middle school, I didn’t even know you could eat beef any way but that. But when I became pregnant with my first child, I could no longer stand the thought of eating a hamburger patty. The smell; the texture; it grossed me out and made me nauseated. For whatever reason, the pregnant part of my brain determined that hamburgers were going to somehow hurt my child, therefore, putting the kibosh on my feasting on any variety of burgers. Unfortunately for my husband, it is a rare day that I can choke one down; even five years after giving birth to our firstborn. On the other hand, it is a real treat for him when I say a burger sounds kind of good. Poor guy; he could live on hamburgers at least five days a week if given the opportunity. Oddly enough, this avoidance of hamburgers did not include “ground beef” – which is a good thing, since we have a freezer full of it, and I have roughly eighty-some “pins” on Pinterest of recipes for ground beef. Most of which I have never actually made, but that is a whole ‘nother story.

N7 Cattle 9

This is why American beef is so great… green grass, fresh water, and fresh air!

Why don’t I order beef when I go to a restaurant? Why not opt for a big, juicy steak instead of chicken or shrimp? Honestly, the reason is pretty simple: quality. In my hometown, we have roughly five restaurants that serve more than fast food tacos or burgers. Of those five restaurants, only two of them can cook a decent steak; and of those two, only one of them has a decent ambiance and affordable drinks. When we do go out, I prefer to order something that I probably wouldn’t cook at home- having a freezer full of beef kind of eliminates that out of the choices. Now don’t get me wrong; on a recent vacation to Hawaii, my husband and I both ordered steaks at a very nice restaurant, and they didn’t disappoint. I try to do my part to support my fellow ranchers, but sometimes you just need to switch it up.

American beef if the best in the world. Of course I might be a bit partial , but I really believe that if you buy the best cuts you can afford, take the time to cook it right, and don’t cook it until it is drier than a popcorn fart, you won’t be let down. Chances are, I would be the first in line at your barbecue… just don’t try to serve me a  burger!!

Speaking of beef… I better go take something out of the deep freeze for tomorrow. Because it’s what’s for dinner… and supper!



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