To My Baby Girl

Dear Ainsley, 

To think that you are turning three years old makes my heart swell with pride, yet ache because you are getting to be such a big girl, so fast. The day you were born, I knew you would be the last baby we would ever have. You and your big sister keep our house full of love and laughter, and you keep your dad and I on our toes all the time. My life became complete the day you entered  this world; and you will be my baby until I leave it.

Everything you do is on your own terms- even on the day you were born, you had to be coaxed to join and meet the rest of your family. And you have been your own little independent person ever since. You have the sweetest smile, most adorable laugh, and just like your sister, are completely perfect. You have blessed this house with your wit and your energy, and your {mostly} agreeable personality. I hope that never changes.


You gave your mommy a good scare the last month I carried you- from having multiple ultrasounds because the doctor was afraid you weren’t growing, to making delivery a literal hell; perhaps that I why I feel so close to you. You may have been and still are a little pipsqueak, but you have a big personality and aren’t afraid to use it. I don’t know if all first-born daughters are daddy’s girls, but your sister certainly is; but you are definitely my child! You might be shy and reserved, but once you love someone, you love them fiercely; just like me. I see more and more of myself in you everyday– and while it makes me proud, I sure feel sorry for you!  🙂

Sweet child of mine- you will never understand how much love I feel for you. You will never understand how much I love to hold you, or why I love to carry you any chance I can. You can’t appreciate how it secretly makes my heart swell when you refuse to let your dad put you to bed at night- yet how it breaks my heart when you run to Gramma or ask for her when you get mad at me. You won’t know how I worried about you when you were readmitted to the hospital with jaundice as a baby; and how I wish I could slow time down just to keep you from growing up so fast.


As you turn three today, I hope that you have a wonderful day full of love from those around you. I hope God watches over you the rest of your life. Never stop laughing, never stop dancing, never stop singing. You are a beautiful girl, and I am so thankful that you are ours. You will always, always be my baby- and I will love you more than you will ever know.

Like our favorite book says, “Like you for always, Love you forever”.


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