Good Music?

If I a dollar for every time someone gives me a cocked eyebrow when I talk about jamming out to Fleetwood Mac while vacuuming, I would be rich.   I guess being 28 means you should only know about Taylor Swift and iTunes;  not Waylon Jennings or 8-tracks or record players.  Seriously?  I pity my generation of people that live in such a bubble. The best parts of my childhood were spent rocking out in the living room to the Marshall Tucker Band and Marty Robbins. I can clearly remember getting to pick out which record Dad was going to put on;  and being totally beside myself when he would pull out my favorite Charley McLain record and “Paradise Tonight” would start playing. Of course I had no idea what she was talking about but I loved her music. And now when I talk about this,  people my age think I am nuts. Or slightly lame.

I also remember hours spent riding in the feed pickup playing name that tune. And then bring in high school and driving the grain truck hauling bales, and jamming out to the classic rock AM station out of Calgary. When I say classic,  I don’t mean just 80’s rock. I am talking from Buddy Holly and the Beatles to the Eagles and Queen. The good stuff. Needless to say, when it comes to old music, I adore it.

Now don’t get me wrong,  I listen to Florida Georgia Line and Katy Perry; but George Strait is still the king.  Music just isn’t the same;  I used to laugh at my dad saying ask that music all sounds the same; now I find myself feeling that way too. I think there is just something comforting about listening to music you grew up on. It doesn’t necessarily mean the old stuff is better, it is just familiar and comfortable.

I don’t know when country music became such a bunch of crap. Mainstream music is nothing but a bunch of over paid wannabes that claim to have grown up on the likes of King George, but most of their music just sucks. I guess it is a reflection of society; self involved, sexually explicit, and soaked in pot & alcohol. I don’t even waste my time watching award shows; country isn’t country anymore. When was the last time you saw a real country girl shaking her “money maker”? I don’t want to see Carrie Underwood’s hoo – ha or Jason Aldean strut around in what appear to be his girlfriends pants. Give me some Justin Moore or Brad Paisley please. Music should be a reflection of your soul; not a reflection of what a media-lized society thinks it should be. I long for the days that the most controversial thing on the radio was Conway Twitty and his slow hands.
Think about it.



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